When 62 year old Darlene woke up in her Manitoba home each morning the first thing that spoke to her were her knees. The aching began with her first step on the floor and continued to worsen throughout the day.

Darlene was told that she was a candidate for knee replacement surgery but both the wait for treatment, coupled with the thought of major surgery, simply did not sit well with her. Precious days were turning into weeks and months of managing daily life around pain. Choices to not participate in activities were becoming the norm. Much of her life was being lived from the sidelines and Darlene wanted more. Much more!

She embarked on a journey of researching her options. Her investigation led her to stem cell therapy and to International HealthCare Providers (IHP). Both intrigued and hopeful, she reached out to IHP to discuss her options. During that phone call she was given answers and an action plan. Within days, her medical records were reviewed and she was deemed an outstanding candidate for stem cell therapy

With as much spring in her step as she could muster, Darlene prepared for her appointment …. which was just two weeks away. The light at the end of the pain tunnel was in sight!!

Darlene is like so many other Canadians seeking an alternative to joint replacement and immediate relief from pain. When the stem cell population of a joint, or the surrounding tissues, becomes depleted the structure loses the ability to heal itself. Repopulating these joints and tissues with stem cells is done as a measure to assist the body’s ability to rejuvenate and rebuild.

We caught up with Darlene a couple months after her treatment and were delighted to hear her say, “I feel great and continue to notice improvements! I can’t believe the difference in my life!!”

Call IHP now ~ we’d like to make a difference in your life too!