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I met this strong, proactive woman back in 2006 when I had neck surgery in Tampa Florida. Kelly offered an exemplary level of knowledge and integrity, providing a full assessment and determination to schedule the whole process from beginning to end. Kelly and the team at IHP had a true desire to help each and every one of their clients. I appreciated their compassion, care, honesty and genuine interest in getting to know me as a person, not just a number. They believe every person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity!

Mike Jubenville

I spent years in agony with my back and felt put out to pasture. I had never been on a plane until I went for my surgery. And I haven’t stopped traveling since. The team at International HealthCare Providers had a way of making me feel at ease. I probably drove them crazy with all of my phone calls. This is a service everyone has to know about. My wife says she has me back.

Robert Dunn

I had both knee replacements done in the US. While my friends were still waiting for theirs or using crutches for months while recovering I was walking on the beach at our cottage. I feel lucky to have found International HealthCare Providers. I wouldn’t have known where to start and they made it all happen so easily.

Shirley McGuin

My younger sister Sheila was diagnosed in February of 1993. She was diagnosed with melanoma, which is a very rare form of skin cancer—there’s three kinds, it’s the one you don’t want… They said “ok, she needs an MRI—it’ll be seven months.” Unacceptable… If I’d had someone who I could call and say “listen, this is my situation, I’m desperate. I need your help, I honestly don’t care what it costs, I need this, I need this, I need this, I need these tests set up, I need to know where hotels are, etc. You know the lay of the land, I have somebody I can give that over to it would a huge burden off my shoulders. Huge. Some of the roadblocks we ran into with the Canadian health care system were wait times for tests, and when you’re dealing with cancer, especially when you’re dealing with stage four cancer, time is of the essence and you have to have these tests done in a timely manner. That wasn’t happening… If you don’t have your health, what do you have? How can you do everything else you need to do in your life? Timely access is absolutely imperative and having access to timely health care is more important than almost anything.


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