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International Healthcare Providers

Canada’s leading concierge medical tourism company. Providing you the most innovative healthcare excellence at the destination of your choice.

Stop waiting for healthcare. Call 1(866) 227-8402 today.

How We Can Help!

IHP connects Canadians with our network of highly accredited physicians and specialist, providing access to health information and options we all deserve.

You can afford it! Financing options available.

How it Works

IHP is committed to rapid response to your healthcare needs. We have a simple and efficient 4-step process designed to deliver the best healthcare service in the quickest manner possible.


Call or email us to set up your free no obligation consultation to learn what your private healthcare options are, how the entire process works and where you and your family can benefit most.

2. Expert Recommendation

IHP gathers and reviews your medical information and matches you with a global healthcare partner that is an expert in that area.

3. Concierge Scheduling

Once you have reviewed your options, the scheduling process begins. Everything that needs to happen in your healthcare journey is secured at this stage so all you have to do is make the journey to your healthcare answer.

4. Arrive & Go

Upon arrival at your healthcare destination IHP assists you through the use of our concierge patient advocates in all the medical centres that we send patients to, so your experience is less stressful.

Why wait? Contact us for your free consultation now.

Our Premium Treatment Partners

Clients of IHP have access to healthcare excellence across the globe. With locations across the US, our premium treatment partners continue to put a cancer diagnosis in people’s past.

Latin America offers not only state of the art healthcare but also the most advanced dentistry and cosmetic surgeries. Further to this, complete international programs are in place to ensure major surgeries such as organ transplants, in locations such as Argentina, are available.

East Asia offers an integrated approach to eastern & western medicine proven to heal both the mind and body. From herbal remedies, to centuries of proven Asian techniques, surgeries can be minimized or avoided as the body is reminded how to heal.

Our Vetting Process

At International HealthCare Providers, we arrange rapid global access to world class healthcare services such as hospitals and specialists.

IHP extensively researches different healthcare providers globally to find the finest healthcare centres. Specific consideration is given to finding those centres with the best treatment outcomes, patient care, regional access, and the exceptional leaders in their respective healthcare field. We personally visit every centre, tour the facilities, interview management and healthcare providers to ensure they meet or exceed our expectation of exceptional care. We also negotiate preferred rates for our patients.

Our motto is…if we wouldn’t send a family member or loved one, then we won’t send a patient.

I spent years in agony with my back and felt put out to pasture. I had never been on a plane until I went for my surgery. And I haven’t stopped travelling since. The team at International HealthCare Providers had a way of making me feel at ease. I probably drove them crazy with all of my phone calls. This is a service everyone has to know about. My wife says she has me back.

Robert Dunn

I had both knee replacements done in the US. While my friends were still waiting for theirs or using crutches for months while recovering I was walking on the beach at our cottage. I feel lucky to have found International HealthCare Providers. I wouldn’t have known where to start and they made it all happen so easily.

Shirley McGuin

How International HealthCare Providers is Different

Global Network of healthcare excellence

The pioneering firm in Canada providing patients immediate private healthcare options.

Bundled and preferred pricing

Concierge “white glove” service every step of the way

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