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FAQs - International HealthCare Providers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Concierge Care Support (1)

How will I know what to do when I arrive at my healthcare destination?

Even before you leave your home you will have the name and contact information of your personal patient advocate that will be greeting you at your point of arrival and ensuring you are supported at all times while at the destination hospital.  You will never be in a position to have to “figure things out for yourself.”

Healthcare Destinations (1)

Will someone from IHP guide me in my choice of hospital or specialist?

Our expertise is to vet the leading hospitals and recommend those to you based on your specific healthcare needs.  The choice is ultimately yours.  Once you have all of the details in terms of hospitals, specialists, locations and pricing you will be well positioned to make an informed choice that is best for your personal needs.

Insurance (4)

Will my private insurance cover my procedure?

That is best discussed with your insurance provider to determine what your coverage offers.  We are happy to provide you with all of the details you may need to assess your request.

Can I use my Health Spending Account?

Health Spending Accounts are a wonderful resource that allow for medical travel.  We will put together an information package for your financial advisor to review so that you will be sure to know how to best direct your funds.

Will my Critical Illness plan cover my costs?

It would be best to consult with your plan administrator or the insurance broker who oversees your investment in this plan as there are certain criteria that need to be met.

Can I purchase insurance for my medical travels?

IHP is happy to refer our clients to any one of our partners who specialize in Health Spending Accounts or Critical Illness Insurance plans for expert advice.

For clients that wish to invest in insurance to cover a specific surgical or treatment, there are options that we can connect you to.

Pricing (3)

Where are the best prices?

Pricing for the same procedure can vary based on a number of factors such as the country or state where the procedure is performed, type of implant if necessary or other additional requirements such as diagnostics or pathology.

While cost is always a factor, IHP focuses on quality at all times.  Our provider partners provide us beneficial prices to extend to our clients but we will never sacrifice quality to save money.

What is included in the price?

Our preferred partners provide us with packaged pricing which is designed to make it as affordable as possible for our clients to receive healthcare excellence in the destination of their choice.

Most estimates will included all of the medical fees, some medical centres will also bundle in the accommodation costs as well.  Those will be identified as you are exploring your options.

I have been told that IHP will credit up to $500 towards the cost of a follow-up procedure.

Yes, IHP will credit up to $500 towards the cost of a follow up procedure.

Scheduling (2)

How soon can I get an appointment?

Upon review of your medical records and acceptance as a patient, the scheduling process is completed.  In most cases you can be at your elected hospital for treatment within two weeks.  In the cases of cancer or other critical issues, we work on an urgency basis and ask you to be ready to travel as soon as possible.

How long will it take to get my consultation/second opinion

Once we have all of your medical records and they are reviewed in order to ensure the best suited specialist is assigned to your care file, most appointments can be scheduled within a two week timeframe or at your travel convenience.

If your healthcare issue urgent, such as a cancer diagnosis….you are placed in priority position and will be scheduled without delay.



Second Opinions (4)

Can I use IHP to get a second opinion on my current diagnosis?

Second opinions are very important.  In most cases the hospital or specialist will require a full personal evaluation after your medical records are reviewed.  Depending on the medical issue, a second opinion evaluation can range from a few hours to a few days.  If significant travel is involved and obtaining treatment at the assessing facility is also an option, arrangements are made to continue with treatment after the second opinion is rendered.  Patients can also return at a later date if that is a viable option.

Can I just get a second opinion but not treatment?

Yes, of course.  If you do not wish to follow through with treatment at one of our global network of hospitals, you are not obligated. Armed with your expert opinion you may be able to expedite care in the country of your residence.

What does a second opinion include?

Depending on the diagnosis, second opinions can take for a few hours to a few days.  Once a complete review of your medical records has taken place your second opinion evaluation will take place.

A second opinion evaluation is a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your current state of health which will include a physical examination and a series of additional tests to rule out or confirm any other potential diagnosis.

Once your current diagnosis is either confirmed or disputed by the international specialist, a treatment plan will be provided for your consideration.

I’ve used IHP to obtain a consultation/second opinion. Do I have to use IHP’s global network of hospitals/specialists to do my procedure?

Not at all. Armed with your expert second opinion you maybe able to expedite care in the country of your residence.

Travel & Accommodations (1)

Will I have assistance arranging travel and accommodations?

IHP is more than happy to assist with your travel recommendations.  Most healthcare providers in our network have preferred rates with hotels and ground transportation companies that we are pleased to extend to our clients.  Wherever your choice is to go for treatment, we will always ensure you stay is completely planned before you depart.

General (3)

What medical information do we require?

In order to ensure your healthcare situation is fully understood and handled as expeditiously as possible, all of your medical records relevant to your medical concern are critical.  These records can range from physicians notes, diagnostic reports (and corresponding disks), X-rays or previous surgical reports.

How do access my medical records?

There are a number of ways this can be accomplished.  You can go directly to your specialist who has been overseeing your care to date and request copies of all records including diagnostic disks.  You can also go to the hospital where you received any surgeries or care and request your records there.  If obtaining your records is just too taxing for you our care concierge specialist will arrange to have the proper documentation filled out so that your destination hospital can request your records directly.

Do you offer cosmetic surgery, dental care and optical care abroad?

Yes and in many cases in countries where the out of pocket expenses are much less than in Canada,but where the quality of care is equal to or exceeds the care you would get at home.

Privacy Policy (1)

How does IHP handle my personal information?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy to learn how IHP handles your personal information.

Our Mission

We promise to work diligently to seek out and arrange the best medical care possible for the condition(s) to which you present. We will utilize our expertise in facilitating care at the lowest possible cost and with the highest clinical outcomes.

Canadians accessing medical travel outside of Canada is a real and growing business. After spending several years researching the market and building strong relationships, IHP spearheaded this movement in Canada in 2005. Today, IHP continues to send a growing number of patients to leading international healthcare facilities for care, while remaining committed to supporting .

No matter what your condition, we can help you get the care you need TODAY. Why wait any longer?