Steps in Process

The IHP Process

Our business is all about rapid response to your healthcare needs. We have a simple and efficient 4-step process designed to deliver the best healthcare service in the quickest manner possible:

Step 1

Call or email us at no cost to discuss your medical condition.

Step 2

IHP gathers and reviews your medical information and matches you with a global healthcare partner that is an expert in that area.

Step 3

Arrangement of consultation/second opinion—there are two types of consultations:

  • A: Records are sent and reviewed by specialists and a report generated with respect to their opinion on your condition including recommendations on treatment, further testing required
  • B: Records are sent to the specialist and reviewed and your condition requires that you ATTEND for a physical examination.

Step 4

IHP assists you through the use of our concierge patient advocates in all the medical centres that we send patients to, so your experience is less stressful.

No matter what your condition, we can help you get the care you need TODAY. Why wait any longer?